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Rex Gregory is a saxophonist and composer residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from the University of New Orleans with a B.A. in Jazz Performance. He plays all forms of saxophones, clarinets, and flutes with near equal facility, which makes him a very sought after musician for a diverse array of projects. In addition, Rex is known for his composition and arranging abilities which are featured on his independently released studio recordings An End to Oblivion and recently released Rocket Summer.

Rex has played with the premier music luminaries in New Orleans since his introduction into the city in 2002. He can frequently be heard with Jason Marsalis, the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra led by Irvin Mayfield, David Torkanowsky, Steve Masakowski, Wendell Brunious, Shannon Powell, James Singleton, Hellen Gillet, Jesse Mcbride and the Next Generation and many others.

While Rex Gregory is a staple in the New Orleans jazz community, he does not hesitate to venture out into other musical territories. His thoughtful compositions, exceptional reading ability, and contributions to a wide variety of projects are all a testament to his musical capabilities. Rex is a comfortable addition anywhere and everywhere.

Rex has toured and lived in Europe, performed across much of the continental United States, toured South America as a cultural ambassador, and more. He responds to the call of being a musician with sincerity, responsibility, and great enthusiasm.